Shark Extreme

Bruce Ramirez
02 January 2018
I was looking for the biggest rig I can set up in my home, so I decided to choose a Shark Extreme 8 GPU. Order number 7712xxxxxx.

An 8 GPU rig turn a very good profit since Bitcoin Gold price is rising.

8 GPUs are a little bit noisy, so you shouldn't place the rig in your bedroom. You can always adjust power to control the noise level from the touchscreen, that's pretty handy.

Shark Mining

Bruce, thank you for your review!

Yes, an 8-GPU rig definitely should not be placed in your bedroom. And other room should be just fine.

02 January 2018

Shark Pro

George Harvey
21 December 2017
Ordered a Shark Pro at Dec 13
The rig arrived in two boxes, one for the rig itself, the second for the graphics card.
Setup is pretty easy thanks to included manual.
Their operating systems, SharkOS, just works, no issues with reboots or updates that I had on a Windows mining rig I bought before on ebay.
Will order a couple of rigs next month!!!!
100% recommended!

Shark Mining

George, thank you!

We are looking forward to a next order from you!

21 December 2017

Shark Mini

Anthony Jordan
02 November 2017
Have ordered a Shark Mini mining rig recently.
Build quality is good.
Had some questions about creating my Zcash wallet, the Shark Mining support stuff quickly helped over the phone.
The rig is surprisingly quiet, I have not noticed any significant noise.
It is mining for some time now, and I can already see Zcash transactions to my wallet.
Thanks guys!

Shark Mining

Anthony, thank you for the feedback!

It's good to hear that everything is up and running now.

02 November 2017

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