SharkPro 2 w/6 AMD 580s

Michael Cavanaugh
18 June 2018
I recently purchased the Shark Pro 2 and I am very happy with the decision. The rig was easy to set up out of the box and the instructions were helpful in a step-by-step format.

I was very impressed with the online portal that allows for additional tuning and monitoring in conjunction with the Telegram channel that provided updates on the status.

I had some issues with my touchscreen and the power supply, however, the support provided was great.

Ruben had me get on face time to run through some changes that need to be made making it much easier to have someone watching and helping to make the actual changes. This help is also available through the portal for software related issues, logging, and other related updates.

I was looking at going with another company for the rig but I had not heard back from the company regarding some basic questions. Shark Mining reached out to me to see if I needed help after checking out the website and have frequently replied within a couple hours to any questions.

All-in, I am very happy with my decision to go with Shark Mining for my first purchase.

Extreme 2, 8 gpu RX570

01 June 2018
So I'm a total Noob to this mining thing but decided to give Shark a try since they advertised that it's practically plug in and go. For the most part they are right, I managed to get everything up and going and mining pretty easy. Only a couple of comments, when packaging extra parts like my 3 extra fans, there needs to be a note on what to do with them. I didn't know if I should install them, throw them away or leave them sitting. Turns out I don't need them in my rig since my climate is kinda cold. The instructions need updating to show how the extreme differs from the rest in that the VGA plug does not need to be plugged into the first video card at all like the instructions were telling me. Also how to configure for all the coins and different pools listed would be nice so customers can choose for themselves.

All in all it's a very good product from a very nice company!

Tech support was awesome in helping me out with stupid questions. Although one thing is that the rig is loud (major fan humming), it is not for a bedroom either. You need a big space (like a garage to get stable temps) unless you have awesome AC in whatever indoor room you put it in. But the rig is 8 GPUs and needs serious cooling, the fans are the right size and noise so it's not excessive just not for a bedroom or living room at all. My wife almost killed me.

The online remote login is awesome and works great, I can switch coins on the fly without going home to do it manually. The features and monitoring works great so i can watch everything at any time even from my phone (which I do often).

Awesome job guys with the rig, I got everything I wanted! I'll be buying another one whenever i get the money together.

Shark Mining Mini

26 April 2018
Great product !!! Will definitely be buying more !!!

Staff was helpful and available with all my questions , thank you SHARKMINING !!!


Shark PRO Kit

05 March 2018
I'm new to the world of GPU mining but did my fair share of research prior to making this purchase. I liked the idea of purchasing a kit rather than sourcing all of the parts myself as it can be difficult these days to find what you're looking for due to shortages and price gouging.

The kit was packaged very well, and comes assembled out of the box. No need to spend time putting together the mining rack or installing the CPU onto the MoBo, it's all done for you. I purchased the GPUs separately and followed the instruction manual that was provided with the kit to install them. The manual isn't great; it could use an update (some gaps in the installation process left me guessing what to do next). With that said, what's left of the assembly is pretty intuitive and I had the rig powered up in no time. I'm sure someone with more experience than me would have no problem doing this without the manual at all.

One area where I struggled was getting the touchscreen to display anything. You need to plug in the HDMI cable connected to the touchscreen to the "main GPU" (according to the instruction manual), and I couldn't figure this out from the manual and some trial and error). Thankfully I called the technical support phone number on the website and someone walked me through the process and got it up and running in a matter of minutes.

One of the best parts of the kit is the SharkOS software that comes with it. Once I powered on the rig, configuring the miner and the related software was EXTREMELY intuitive. Being a novice, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to figure this out, but between the manual and some more trial and error I had the rig mining in less than an hour from when I began to install the GPUs.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who would like to get into mining. If they gave a little more love to the instruction manual, this would be a 5 star review without a doubt.

shark extreme

05 February 2018
I got my Shark extreme very quickly. It comes very well packaged, and the initial setup is very easy. My software did not work thou out of the box and since it arrived on Friday evening I had to wait till Sunday to get it reconfigured.

Ruben there is extremely knowledgeable - he got it working in about 30 minutes. Its hard not to like how compact and efficient it is.

My fellow miner put together his own rig and the cost was the same. If you are a first time miner download your wallets of what you want to mine first. Then ask the software to be tailored to that. (I didn't realize how difficult or impossible they are - example Monero). So far I really like the rig and will order another once the market improves.

Shark PRO (6 GPU)

Mangkorn Yuan
02 February 2018
Had it up and running for a week now, everything works and look great.
The customer service has been very helpful as well!

As advertised, the rig comes with built-in scripts to start mining right away. These scripts also allow for easy tweaking (overclocking, rig name, etc.). The rig looks real sexy to be honest.

Mining rig

Justin Hartley
31 January 2018
Great customer service. We had a bad GPU out of the box and they have replaced it very fast! Shipped the replacement with Fedex overnight!

Shark mining rig kit

Asim Craft
14 January 2018
Nice rig works well

Shark PRO KIT (No GPUs)

10 January 2018
The entire team at Shark Mining has been an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with.

The products are extremely well-built, and work perfectly. I look forward to many more purchases in the future!

Shark Extreme (8 GPU)

Shashidhar Hiremath
06 January 2018
One of the simple , quick and robust machine I have ever experienced or seen so far
It took me less than 30 mins to start mining

Tech support is amazing instant FaceTime chat and resolves any questiosn asap!
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