Z9 mini

Luis Quintana
06 October 2019
Work great!! Thanks for the quick shipping!

shark pro

Scott Jobin
31 July 2019
Great product great support!!!!

Shark Mini

17 May 2019
We bought our shark mini in july of 2018. Never having mined before, we felt a pre-built rig was the best option for us. It arrived on time and the online setup guide was straightforward, but we did run into some confusion getting it running.

We called customer support, not expecting much since it was the July 4th weekend, but were pleasantly surprised that not only did someone answer, but they were so patient and worked way into the evening helping us get everything working.

Since then, it has never stopped running and has never had an issue. It was literally set it and forget it. It’s only now that I know a bit more that I have really come to appreciate the operating system they have built. It’s a real bonus with paying for and they continue to release new versions. These guys are the real deal.

Antiminer s9

25 September 2018
I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who would like to purchase antiminers to order from Sharkmining as they are very prompt in shipping and have better paying options that are safe and above all an ongoing product support.

Regards Ben


26 August 2018
Product was easy to order on the store, got confirmations and tracking.

You guys are awesome and shipment came right on time.
I will definitely be ordering more from your store. Thank you.

Shark Extreme 2

Joe H
23 August 2018
The service team is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I had a slight issue with my rig at first, but the team was happy to help right away. Thank you!

SharkOS Repair services

22 August 2018
I set the miner up yesterday and it’s been mining all night. No problems! The hash rate is much more stable on ethermine and it’s using about 75 Watts less than before. Thank you so much for the help Hopefully I’ll be back for a Vega rig soon lol

Shark Extreme 2 (8 GPU)

Brad B
23 July 2018
Great customer service. The mine was shipped very quickly and came with great instructions for set-up.

The technical support team is EXCELLENT!

Every time I called they were very helpful and helped me figure out what I was doing and how to use the miner. I would 100% purchase from Sharkmining again.

Shark Mining

Brad, thank you for your kind words about our technical support team!

23 July 2018

shark mini

Ivan Rosabal
16 July 2018
We drove across the state of Florida on a win... Called them 40 mins out and Ruben greets very well. Very interest with the product,

The Shark Mini and Pro2 seeing it in person and listening to it (very quiet) (little heat) before investing in a handful of them. We are preparing September and December... thank you again!

Shark Mining

Ivan, thank you!

We are looking forward to new orders from you!

16 July 2018

shark mini

Tom Atlas
25 June 2018
Minor gripe that the system did not boot up initially and it can be a little confusing for a beginner to assemble.
BUT! the tech support is very good and there was no actual delay in getting the rig up and running.

All hardware worked and the sharkOS is a perfect match. So overall its probably the best on the market, and I will likely buying more units. And contrary to many naysayers, the system generates far more money than is spent on extra electricity.

Shark Mining

Tom, thank you for your detailed feedback!

25 June 2018

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