Mining Rigs Repair and Optimisation

Do you own a faulty mining rig which doesn’t work anymore and you missing profit every day?

  • Company/individual seller you bought your miners from disappeared or out of business and you stuck with no support?

  • Looking for professionals to maintain and monitor your mining farm remotely?

  • Want to upgrade to newer Graphics Cards or install new mining software for mining new type of coin?

  • Do you get error messages or is there a broken part?

  • SharkMining Mining Rigs Professional are here to help.

    Repair services we offer

    • Software issues troubleshooting.
      We will connect to your mining rig remotely and fix the problem.

    • Hardware upgrades and repair.
      Hardware problems will require mailing in the mining rig to our service.

    • Optimisation of mining rig.
      This will include firmware upgrade of graphics cards to get more performance out of the graphics cards and lower down the power consumption so you save up to 50% on your electric bills and get up to +30% more profit having the same equipment.

    • Mining operating system upgrade.
      If your mining rig is running Windows which is not designed for mining most of the time you getting up to 20% less performance compared with specialized mining operating systems like SharkOS. We will install SharkOS. You get more stable mining and whats more important you can see and change any parameters of your mining rig remotely from anywhere you want from laptop or smartphone.

    • Mining software upgrades.
      Planning to mine new coin? We can find out what miner are required, install and configure pool and miner.

    • Remote Monitoring Program.
      Subscribe to our Shark Monitoring Program and start saving money. For More details read below.

    Why SharkMining

    • Mining Experts Team
      All the Shark Mining rigs build by professionals and we know how to deal with all possible mining rigs issues. We have over 10 years experience of building computers and professional workstations.

    • Fair Pricing Structure
      Most common types of repair have fixed rate. See list below.
      In rare cases when issue is not typical and investigation required we charge you based on $79/hour rate.

    • In-House Service
      If the mining rig requires component replacement we’ve got you covered!
      We have multiple in-house technicians available to troubleshoot your mining rig.
      Also we have the largest 6000 sqft cryptocurrency hardware store in USA. We keep in stock large variery of graphics cards, motherboard, power supplies and other parts so you can be sure that we will fix the rig faster than any other company.
      We accept customers statewide. International customers are welcome too.
      Local customers from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area are welcome for drop-off at our retail location.
      We process most repairs in 1-2 days and send the rig back to you.

    • Your Mining Rig is in Good Hands
      Shark Mining, a hardware company founded in Silicon Valley, California and based in Miami, Florida.
      We are focused on hardware for cryptocurrency mining. We are selling Bitmain Antminers ASIC and build GPU-based mining rigs. So you can be sure your are in good hands.

    How we work

    • 1. Submit request to get a free quote
      Leave your phone number or email and briefly describe the issue you have.
      Our technician will contact you back same business day for free evaluation.
      You can also use online chat during business hours 9-6pm EST.

    • 2. We will detect the cause of issue

      Depending on the problem there are two options:
      Software problems –
      Most of the time the problem is because of software and can be fixed remotely.
      We will send you invoice. Once the payment will be completed we will fix the problem within 1 business day.

      Hardware problems –
      Hardware will require your rig to have in our lab to inspect and replace the malfunction part.
      Once we get the rig from you we will inspect it and send you detailed invoice.
      Once the payment will be completed we will fix the problem within 1 business day and ship the rig back to you (overnight shipping available).

    Shark Monitoring Program

    You can subscribe to our “Shark Monitoring Program” for $49/month.

    This will include:
    • Free SharkOS mining operating system installation once you start your subscription.
    • Daily monitoring your mining rig and protect you from loosing profit.
    • Fixing any software issues within 24 hours.
    • Urgent notification about any hardware issues.
    • Keeping mining rig working with most optimized settings to get maximum performance per card and best power consumption to save money on electric bills.
    • Free access to our private Sharkmining Telegram channel with recommendation about what coins is better to mine, when it’s time to switch to other coin, when it’s time to upgrade to new GPUs and other news from cryptocurrency world.

    What customers say

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    Price List for Most Common Issues

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