Data Center

Full-Service Data Center for cryptocurrency mining

About us

  • Designed by BIZON. Graphics cards and high-end computers experts.

    SharkMining was founded by BIZON company.
    BIZON is a Silicon Valley founded company based in Miami, Florida specializing in software and hardware development of external graphics cards, high-end computers, workstations, and servers.
    500+ Silicon-Valley and worldwide based companies trust BIZON (Tesla, Samsung, Canon, Google, Amazon, Oculus, Facebook, Stanford University, BBDO). About BIZON »

  • We are building professional mining rigs.
    All the SharkMining rigs designed and assembled by a team of hardware and software engineers, industrial designers with 10 years experience in developing professional workstations, servers and data centers.
  • We can build your personal data center in your garage, warehouse or office including all the electrical, cooling and network installation services.
  • We have capacity and resources to handle bulk purchases and build as many mining rigs as needed.
  • We are ready to supply any size project and will provide full tech support and on-site installation service (California, Florida).
  • Remote monitoring and maintaining data center by our technicians. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monthly subscription or annual contract available.

Services Provided

Service Area: Florida + East Coast.
Team relocation to any USA state available for installation period.

  • Building professional mining rigs.
  • Space search (warehouse, industrial space, office) for mining farm location.
  • Electrical services. Electrical installation based on mining rigs requirements. FL licensed electricians.
  • Cooling. Cooling system calculation and installation based on mining rigs requirements.
  • Internet. Reliable and stable internet connection based on industrial grade network hardware.

SharkMining rigs features

  • Best hardware configuration based on NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards (top-level).
  • Most compact and lightweight mining rig on the market.
  • Advanced operating system SharkOS (Linux-based) with optimizations for mining and a user-friendly interface.
  • Graphics cards temperature monitoring software with intellegent control of each GPU and increasing / decreasing power.
  • Room temperature control; temperature sensors with smartphone notifications and interface.
  • Statistics. Web page with full statistics including mining speed, consumption, room temperature or each video card temperature.
  • Remote control.
    You can remotely control your mining rigs from your laptop or smartphone.
  • Auto-reboot in any mining rig will freeze.

  • Some of Completed Projects

    We can't list all the projects as most of the clients don't want to disclose photos.

    120 GPUs San Jose, CA Data Center

    San Jose, California

    List of Services provided by SharkMining:
    • Assembling all the mining rigs.
    • 300 AMP Electricity.
    • Cooling system design and installation.
    • Space search. We choose 700sqft Industrial warehouse.
    • All the electrical and cooling calculations made by our engineering team.
    • Communicating with all the computer hardware vendors.
    • Video surveillance, alarm system installation, walls sound isolation.

    Technical Specs:
    • Hashrate: 100 000 h/s
    • Power consumption: 300 AMP, 36 000 WATT
    • Graphics cards: 120 x NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti (20 x 6 GPU Shark mining rigs)
    • Profit:
      $400-$800/month for each rig or $8000-$16000/month total.
    • Investment: $160 000 – $180 000
    BONUS: Also you need to consider: 1) all the graphics cards have a great resale value. 2) The constant growth of the cryptocurrency.