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  • Recommended coin for mining:
    We recommend mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. This is the best coins on the market in terms of background (longstanding history, a strong team, and a stable market cap).
  • ASIC Bitmain Antminer vs GPU mining rigs:
    We do not recommend ASIC miners. GPU mining rigs are more stable for long-term investment.
    1. ASIC miners value may go down up to 90%. GPU mining rig built from high-quality graphics cards that will have great resale value whenever you stop mining.
    2. GPU mining rigs support multiple coins. They are more flexible. ASIC supports only one coin. There are more than 100 GPUs mineable coins.
  • Ethereum and other coins can be exchanged to Bitcoin using any online exchange ( recommended).
    Mining bitcoin directly is not efficient. It's much better to mine Ethereum and then exchange to Bitcoin. Exchanging one coin to another takes one minute.
  • AMD Radeon VII Becomes the Most Powerful Ethereum GPU Miner
    We recommend AMD RX580 for starters or Radeon VII for large scale miners.

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Due to the nature of Crypto Currency and volatility of the market, all the profits are for reference only and may vary. Power consumption, hashrate numbers may vary +/-10%.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Mind electricity cost when calculating the profit.